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Are you ready to make your New Year Resolutions a reality?
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"My team recently recommended this course by Daria Tsvenger for anyone who wants to get clear on how to make their dreams reality. If you're feeling stuck, wanting to flesh out the next steps of your life, and are looking for some motivation, check out this program."
Dr. Mark Hyman

is a personal growth challenge that helps people who are looking for the next level in life be motivated and take action so they can find fulfillment and manifest their true desires. We'll be holding you accountable and providing feedback.

It's built to help you:

Design a clear road map of your life

Discover your true desires and remove blocks that prevent you from having them

Manifest your desires into your life

It's like having a personal coach, but at a fraction of the price!

The Dream Sprint Alumni
Great question! Let me quickly go over the four types of people The Dream Sprint is built for so you can figure out if it's a fit…
  • 1
    You want to become more motivated and productive while taking care of your mental wellness.
    The Dream Sprint (DS) is for dreamers and achievers who have a lot of big ideas in their bright minds, but have a hard time starting to execute and bring them to life.
  • 2
    Figuring out your next career move / business project.
    Transitions are hard. It's even harder when you don't have support along the way. During the DS you'll become crystal clear on what you want. Currently 87% of our alumni are successfully launching careers in new fields or advancing in their current one (after "graduating" from their ultra successful cushy C-level roles).
  • 3
    Everything seems fine on Instagram but you're kind of stuck.
    We all feel this from time to time (I certainly did). Even with a perfect Instagram-life, we can sometimes get stuck. Breaking through requires a push in the right direction and accountability to follow through.
  • 4
    You love personal development and you know that it's the right time in your life for self-discovery.
    When you know - you know. One day you woke up, saw the DS pop up and you felt that it's THE thing for you now.
Our next Sprint group starts on TBC
Become crystal clear on what you really want (it can be different from the goals you have now)
Break-free from all mental models that has been blocking your success on many levels
Learn how to use your brain power to become productive and achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life
Hear the amazing stories of our host, Daria Tsvenger, a simple girl from a small town in Russia who designed a life of freedom and happiness
What our Dream Sprinters say ...
  • "The best transformational tool I've
    used in my life."

    "I've always been a people pleaser and this causes me to take on too many tasks and never make the time to work on myself and think long term. I've tried goal setting before, but that just sets me right back to being task oriented and not thinking strategically about what I really want. The content and activities of the Dream Sprint finally helped me get very clear on the big picture outcomes I want in my life.

    I feel a huge shift in my energy and now I almost feel lighter, like I have released a heavy burden from my body. Now I realize the burden I always placed on myself was the need to plan out every detail of how I will succeed, but now that I have a better idea of what success means to me, I can feel how things are starting to come to me naturally, opportunities to get what I want are practically falling in my lap.

    I loved the personal feel of this Dream Sprint. The relatable, science backed audio messages from Daria were an amazing guide through this experience and the format of the sprint was the most powerful part. It felt like listening to a podcast series but with actionable steps after every new concept to help me actually implement that concept in my life right away and begin benefiting from it."
    Nicole Dahlstrom
    Founder of FemTechCollective
  • "I feel more calm, confident and actually excited about changes and new opportunities that come my way."

    "I first heard of the Dream Sprint from a friend. I noticed a lot of positive changes in her after she started the program and I decided to check it out. After finishing the sprint and all challenges I feel more calm, confident and actually excited about changes and new opportunities that come my way."
    Rinata Garayeva
    Recruiting Manager at MJ Boyd Consulting
  • "I found things that were fulfilling me way beyond my career"

    "I just wanted to thank you for the program last month! It really helped me get clarity on what I wanted to do next and I started becoming a more optimistic and happy positive person! I started to meet new people and new opportunities started coming my way! In fact, right after the program finished, I got a new job that I was looking for and my Meetup group began to grow really quickly!"
    Maria Zhukowsky
    Tech Recruiter
  • "Within 5 months I have a new job aligned to my values, my relationship with my boyfriend is growing on deeper levels each day"

    "When Dream Sprint finished 5 months ago, I never would have imagined that all of my dreams would literally take off sprinting!!! Things have changed dramatically - within 5 months I have a new job aligned to my values, my relationship with my boyfriend is growing on deeper levels each day, I have completed the most complex training in my professional career at the top of my class, and my confidence is higher than it's ever been. Dream Sprint allowed me to focus and think about exactly what I want...and then before my eyes it's all happening as if the universe just granted me all my wishes. Can't thank you enough Daria"
    Julie (Kramer) Crawford
    Group Marketing Manager
  • "Things that I never thought would come true, at least not so soon, already have."

    "I noticed that I am making big steps towards my dreams. Things that I never thought would come true, at least not so soon, already have! And I'm absolutely so happy. I can feel so much progress being made.

    I have a much clearer understanding of what my dreams really are.
    The challenges all link up so well with each other and lead you on a journey.
    You realize the mind is very powerful!

    I am so grateful to have met Daria and for her sharing this opportunity with me to hep me make my dreams come true."
    Alani La Monica
    Musician, Influencer
  • "I found myself boldly taking steps towards dreams that had seemed impossible to me before!"

    "Daria's Dream Sprint was such a huge mindset - shifting awakening for me! Even after reading COUNTLESS personal development books and working in the wellness industry myself, Daria's process for mapping out achieving dreams was unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

    I especially loved the accountability - it keeps you on track! By the end of the program, my mind was opened up to possibilities I had closed off long ago - and with Daria's support and encouragement, I found myself boldly taking steps towards dreams that had seemed impossible to me before!"
    Camille Kelley
    Founder of Finding Sparks

Why Is the Dream Sprint different from typical self-help programs?

Rooted in neuroscience

It's 100% accountability-based
(makes you actually do stuff!)

No more "just learning" – we are here to practice

The most convenient format ever – you'll be fully supported with 1:1 guidance by Daria and her team

How many times have you enrolled in a course, and never completed it?
95% of people who enroll
in the full version
of the Dream Sprint – complete it
average completion rate of a self-paced course
Dream Sprint participants
speak for themselves.
  • "No more procrastination with the Dream Sprint. For the first time I completed all the assignments and made fast progress."
    Business Development manager at Coventus
  • "I immediately saw value in the first free 10 days as more opportunities were coming my way to help make my dreams come true."
    VP, Analytics - Global Analytics Program Lead for Google
10 audio coaching sessions with the creator, Daria Tsvenger. They are spaced out over 35 days.

10 specific challenges with personalized feedback from Daria and her team.

Accountability - the magic push you will feel good about.

Secret bonuses.

Videos with neuroscience research that will surprise you.

Lifetime access to all of the above.

After the Dream Sprint starts, you'll receive content in the form of WhatsApp audio messages every 3-4 days.
You will have 72 hours to listen to them and submit your tasks and complete the challenges for that week.
Once you submit a task you'll receive a personalized feedback and unlock access to the next challenge.
(!) If you didn't complete the challenge on time - you can not proceed forward. You will be removed from the group.
Let me introduce myself and share why
I am committed to help you ...
Hi there!

Happy to see you here! My name is Daria and I am a mindset expert who has helped hundreds of people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and make their dreams come true.

I took Cognitive Neuroscience Extension Courses at Stanford University, and had a chance to learn from top experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Dr. David Eagleman, Marisa Peer, Dr. Loretta Breuning, and others.

Step by step and one day at a time, I started to create the new road map for my life. Practicing, learning, unlearning, and releasing the patterns that I no longer needed.

You are probably wondering how the Dream Sprint came to be
Apathy is the opposite of happiness. One day I got fed up with the way things were. I no longer wanted to accept my state of mind. At that moment, I decided to study how our brain works and figure out what makes us feel what we feel.
. . .
A few years ago I moved to San Francisco from Russia after getting married. And there I was, lonely and disconnected from the entire world. Believing my own limiting stories playing on repeat in my mind. Crying on the bathroom floor in the middle of the day thinking this would go on forever.
I was wrong. Because things CHANGE. And we must change and take back control of our own lives.
In a matter of months, my whole life changed. I became energized, motivated, and excited about my life. I co-founded the largest wellness community for women in San Francisco, got dream offers out of the blue, and became a sought-after speaker, advisor, and angel investor. And more importantly, I started to feel good!
Let me guide you through the transformation and help you on
your Journey.

Life is too short to stay stuck :)
Ready to create a positive change?
After the Dream Sprint you'll become crystal clear on what you want and see yourself confidently taking steps in the right direction.
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FAQ & Pricing
According to statistics, only 4% of students who enroll in self-paced courses actually finish them. That's why we created a guided program which starts on the first day of every month. You'll be receiving a new task every 3-4 days and my team and I will be there for you to answer questions and provide personalized feedback regarding each exercise.

You'll be completely supported.
How much does it cost after the 10 free days?
There are three pricing options: $148, $268, or $888 for our whole 35 days long program (all three of them include an accountability feature and the whole program for 35 days, the only difference is the level of 1-1 attention which will be provided + special bonuses).

I will tell you everything during the free trial of the program. According to 100% of our participants, just after the free trial they notice a significant change in their attitude and their desires start to come true.

Even if you don't plan to invest at that point, just a free trial will give you A LOT.
More than 95% of people start seeing the results even during the first 10 free days of the Dream Sprint! Because we are holding you accountable to act results are coming fast as well :)
If you are looking forward to make your dreams come true or if you want to figure out what you truly want and start seeing circumstances align - this is for you.

If you want to be guided, held accountable and, at the same time, receive feedback for your work - this is for you.
How do I sign up?
Make sure you have WhatsApp on your Phone.
Add this number to your Contacts +1 310 465 7455.
Text "I'm in" to +1 310 465 7455 via WhatsApp.
Get ready to start soon!
What if I don't have time to do the work?
90% of busy people who start the Dream Sprint report that they are able to find time for personal growth work. It takes less than 15 minutes per day (90 minutes per week) to do the work, so it's a matter of prioritization. If it's the right time in your life and you are ready for change - you will prioritize it.
Can I get a refund after I've done a free trial and chose to pay for the program?
As per our policy the program is non refundable. That's why you have first 10 days free to decide.
About the Host & Creator
Daria - a mindset expert & motivational speaker & investor. Over the last two years she has helped more than 1000 people achieve their dreams using brainpower.
Daria completed a Cognitive Neuroscience Stanford University extension program and had a chance to learn from top experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Dr. David Eagleman, Marisa Peer, and Dr. Loretta Breuning.
She has inspired hundreds of people on stages all over the world for clients including Robinhood, Prana and MGM Law. She has also shared her expertise on science-based personal development on TV Shows such as "Good Morning LA-LA-LAND" and "Simulation" while having a loyal following of over 20,000 people.