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What if Marie Forleo

and Dr. Joe Dispenza

had a baby?
That would be Daria!
I am a life coach for high achievers, an entrepreneur, and a neuroscience nerd dedicated to encouraging you to live your best life by unlocking the power of your beautiful mind.

Let me be your biggest cheerleader! I know you feel the desire to experience life to the fullest, to live according to your values, and to make your dreams and desires come true.

There can be many challenges along a way, but there's good news! Each challenge exists to teach us something and make us better, not to crush us. Let me help you discover your unique strengths, unlock opportunities, and design the life of your dreams.

More than 1,000 people have experienced my transformational programs and coaching, learning that the most effective way to implement change is to combine inner work with outer (practical) actions. That's exactly what I do!
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