About the Speaker
Daria Tsvenger is a keynote speaker & life coach and entrepreneur.

During these unprecedented times world is changing fast. This puts a lot of stress on all of us. It's hard to stay focused. Daria's workshops are designed to help people stress less and become more productive.

Daria successfully completed the Stanford University Cognitive Neuroscience extension program and aims to popularize scientific concepts in an easy to understand way.

Daria's events evoke laughter, learning
and growth. Attendees will walk away with
some life-changing tools to help them
become more happy and fulfilled.
Public Speaking Example
Daria Tsvenger's 2 Minute Sample Video
Regina Akhmadullina
Health Professions Education – UCSF Medical Center
Daria has excellent presentation skills and ability to engage the audience. She is also very passionate about learning how the brain works and dedicates much time to learning neuroscience. I was amazed by how transparent and vulnerable she is with her audience; it makes her message very relatable and inspiring.
Paul Li
Instructor - Stanford University, co-author of The Cognitive Sciences
I enjoyed Daria's talk on Mental Models & Brain Power. She applied research from neuroscience and psychology into her own life to produce something positive for herself and others.
Leah Leibler
Director of Demand Generation - Mesosphere
I found Daria's talk to be especially inspiring because she touched on raw points of sadness, giving details of how she felt and a reflection on how she couldn't express yourself at the time - but now she knows how to address it and shares actionable steps. Real, intimate stories are what the most beneficial to society because so much of what we see and hear is sugar-coated to only provide happy points. Definitely, recommend her talk!
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